Jan 9, 2014

Authors And Publishers: Get More Readers

the joy of readingThere are lots of reasons to read books regularly but too few do. You can help spread the habit, which benefits authors and publishers.

Can you donate 5-10 copies of a title?

The ideal books are about money but this isn’t essential. The titles could be older. The key is that the books are worth reading.

Where The Books Go

Attendees at the next live Money 50/50 event will have the opportunity to select the book of their choice. The goal is to have one book per person. If there aren’t enough copies, the books will be given on a first-come basis — an incentive to arrive early. If there are extra books (might as well dream!), they’ll be given as prizes (e.g., for asking questions).

Money 50/50 is an initiative to make financial education engaging by combining short TED-like talks with group discussions. Everyone involved is a volunteer, including the speakers. There are no sponsors. Attendees cover the costs via tickets. Your books give an additional incentive to register and show up.

Benefits To Donors

Readers will be asked to
  • write an honest review of your book online (e.g., on Amazon, Goodreads, their blog, etc)
  • share their review via social media with the hashtag #money5050
Since everyone registered is on a mailing list, they’ll get a gentle nudge to read and friendly reminders to review.

As a donor, you’'ll be thanked on the registration page (e.g., for February 2014) and at the event. A list of all the titles will be published on this site, with links.

To participate or find out more, please contact Promod Sharma by phone (416-938-3711) or email (ps@trustandyou.com). Thanks!


PS You’re also supporting the cause of financial education.

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