Dec 13, 2013

Save The Evening Of Feb 6, 2014 For Money 50/50 Live

imageThe next live Money 50/50 event takes place on the evening of Thursday, February 6, 2014. This time, we're at the Ted Rogers School of Management (Bay/Dundas in downtown Toronto). Special thanks to Career Consultant Alethia Davis for arranging the venue.

You'll get more details soon, including the link to register.

For now, please mark your calendars. (You've got a 2014 calendar, right?)

If you registered last time, you’ll get an email with this information.

Tip: Tickets make a great gift for the holidays, the New Year and Valentine’s Day.

(new) Here's a link to the event details and tickets.

Dec 1, 2013

Share Your Story: “What I Learned About Money”

snowflakes are similar but unique
We all use money.
We've all learned valuable lessons.
Like snowflakes, our lessons are unique
but melt away unless preserved.

You have an opportunity to share your story at the next live Money 50/50 event even if you can’t attend.

You’ll get full credit twice since your lesson will be:
  1. shown on the screen during breaks at the live multi-speaker event
  2. included in a Thank You email to attendees

Click for details
(L to R) Melissa Leong, Tyler Fleming, Nicole Cairns
How To Participate

Money affects our lives in many ways: budgeting, investing, insurance, behaviour, warranties, mortgages, expenses, leveraging, shopping, education, travel, attitudes, families, retirement, tax, piggy banks, etc. Get creative!

What have you learned about money?
  1. Write your original story, which can be as short as a sentence or run several paragraphs
  2. Add your name, tagline or title, Twitter handle and/or website
  3. Email the details to Promod Sharma at
The goal is to include all suitable stories.


Participants (alphabetical by first name) include:
  1. Alan Whitton (@bigcajunman)
  2. Albert Luk (@acsluk)
  3. Alex Kottoor (@scenedocinc) ...
  4. Andreas Hug (LinkedIn)
  5. Ann Rosenfield (@GratiaCaritas)
  6. Ashleigh Patterson (@AshleighPat)
  7. Barry Choi (@barrychoi)
  8. Bruce Sellery (@brucesellery)
  9. Carol Roberts (LinkedIn) ...
  10. Chantal Marr (@lsminsurance)
  11. Daniel Gogek (LinkedIn)
  12. David Gargaro (@DavidGargaro)
  13. David Toyne (@jdavidtoyne)
  14. Doina Oncel (@DoinaOncel)
  15. Ellen Roseman (@ellenroseman)
  16. Flavian Delima (@flaviandelima) ...
  17. George Takash (@georgetakach)
  18. Gregoire James (@generacycle)
  19. Jason Heath (LinkedIn)
  20. Jay Palter (@jaypalter)
  21. Jessica Moorhouse (@MoMoneyMoHouses) ...
  22. Jim Pagiamtzis (@jimpagiamtzis)
  23. Jim Yih (@jimyih)
  24. Joe Barbieri (@joetheinvestor)
  25. Kerry K Taylor (@squawkfox)
  26. Krystal Yee (@krystalatwork) ...
  27. Ly Tran (LinkedIn)
  28. Mark Borkowski (LinkedIn)
  29. Mark Goodfield (@bluntbeancountr)
  30. Mark Seed (@myownadvisor
  31. Melissa Leong (@lisleong)
  32. Michael James (@MJonMoney)
  33. Michael Roseman (LinkedIn)
  34. Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel)
  35. Neil Jain (@moneylifeskills) ...
  36. Nicole Cairns (website)
  37. Patricia Gass (blog)
  38. Patti Pokorchak (@RecruiterPatti)
  39. Pattie Lovett-Reid (@PattieCTV)
  40. Paul Boston (@PaulJBoston)
  41. Paul Nazareth (@UinvitedU) ...
  42. Peter McGarvey (website)
  43. Pierre Ghorbanian (@pierreCFP)
  44. Preet Banerjee (@preetbanerjee)
  45. Ram Balakrishnan (@CCapitalist) ...
  46. Rob Carrick (@rcarrick)
  47. Ryan Rodrigues (@Ryan_Rodrigues)
  48. Sarah Yetkiner (@sarahyetkiner)
  49. Sean Cooper (@SeanCooperWrite)
  50. Sandi Martin (@SandiMartinSPF)
  51. Steve Carlson (website)
  52. Suppinder Bains (LinkedIn)
  53. Tm Mahdi (@tm_mahdi) ...
  54. Tyler Fleming (LinkedIn) ...
Other submissions are pending. There’s room for yours. Thanks for helping promote financial education.