Nov 24, 2013

Money 50/50: Toronto 1 Postponed

The first Money 50/50 event has been postponed.

Late-breaking complications could not be overcome in the time available. Compromises would have prevented the attendees and speakers from getting the experience they deserve. All tickets have been fully refunded (even though PayPal doesn't provide a full refund).

The unexpected happens. Yesterday's TEDxRyersonU was very well organized but the two speakers I most wanted to see weren't there. John Ralston Saul (author and visiting professor) couldn't get back from Africa in time. Sue Gardner (executive director of Wikimedia Foundation) arrived from San Francisco but got stuck at Pearson airport due to the weather. Since there were numerous other speakers, the loss of one or two allows the show to proceed.

With Money 50/50, one speaker had to cancel and there wasn't enough time to find a replacement who would have time to prepare. Also, there weren't enough registrations to create the energy that feeds a live event.

Preparations are already underway for next time (probably January).

Thanks again to the speakers, registrants and volunteers.

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